Deal of the Week – Escambia FL

  • Omar 
escambia tax deed

April 2021 – Tax Liens auction!

Each month tons of properties are sold in County Tax Sales across the U.S., some are live auction and others are online, the latter can be purchased from the comfort of your home via the internet.

Sounds good, right? but it’s not so simple as it appears, in fact, you have to struggle with different rules, different county websites, remember all the auction dates, and of course do your due diligence before the auction.

For this reason, we created, thanks to this software you can find and download the tax sale lists for all the 50 U.S. States with a click of a button, increase our profitability and save tons of time.

Today I want to show you a great deal we found in Escambia County, Florida. The tax sale auction for this county will come up on the next 5th of April 2021.

You could become a lienholder on this beautiful house worth $772,000 with less than $227K!

Check it out in the video below.

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